How to Format Flashdisk on Windows and Mac

How to Format Flashdisk on Windows and Mac 

If you need to format a Flashdisk on a computer that is installed with a Windows xp / 7/8/10 or Mac OS system? Get tips from the next section. This will help to get a clean USB flash drive formatted in the preferred file system, FAT32, NTFS, MS-DOS (FAT), etc.

Part 1: Format the Flashdisk to the Windows NT File System (NTFS). 

1. Insert the USB flash drive that you prepared to use on a Windows computer.

2. Back up data on USB drive to another secure location.

3. Right-click the USB flash drive on the computer and select ” Format …” from the context menu.

4. In the following Format dialog, scroll to the File system and select NTFS .

5. Check or not check Quick Format and click the Start button (Windows 7).

6. Wait for the USB flash drive to be formatted successfully.

Part 2: Delete and Format the Flashdisk on Mac

How do I delete and format a USB drive on Mac using Disk Utility?

1. Install USB flash drive to Mac and back up USB data.

2. Look for the disk utility from the menu bar, or open Finder> Applications> Utilities , and select Disk Utility to click and open.

3. Select the connected USB flash drive from the left panel of the Disk Utility window . Click Delete in the top toolbar.

4. Select Format MS-DOS (FAT) and click Delete on the pop-up dialog.

5. The removal process is complete. The USB drive has been formatted successfully and all data has been deleted.

Thus for the new Flashdisk format this method can also be applied if it is hit by a virus thank you.

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