How to Overcome the Computer Suddenly Restart Alone

How to Overcome the Computer Suddenly Restart Alone 

It is difficult to diagnose the problem of restarting the computer suddenly , because when it restarts, there is no error message explaining why. Here is a list of complications that can cause the PC to suddenly restart to help you narrow down the possibility of a solution.

Steps to Overcoming Automatic Restart Problems:

1. Damaged Memory or Ram Problems

In most cases, restarting the computer suddenly is because the RAM module is disabled. Generic memory has a very small problem that can prevent the PC from working properly.

To fix this, you need to check memory with the Memtest RAM tester . Memtest results are easy to analyze: if the home screen saves the same table after at least one full jump, it can assume that the memory is in good condition; if additional lines appear, the memory is damaged.

You can also try by grouping RAM with an eraser, by removing the brass part in the direction.

2. Hardware Problems

If you are dealing with hardware, you should start by trying to update the computer driver. You can download the latest version on the manufacturer’s page or in the download section of the CCM driver.

If that doesn’t work, you may need to restart the computer using some possible peripherals. Disconnect all CD drives, recorders, Internet modems, printers, complementary hard disks, etc. Continue to manually reset your device until you no longer restart it yourself. When rebooting stops, reconnect peripherals one by one until the problem occurs again.

3. CPU Overheating

To ensure that your problem is not the result of an overheating CPU . Check your processor temperature using the Everest program or your motherboard utility. If it’s too high, you need to install a stronger fan.

If necessary, it would be a good idea to remove the dust inside the casing using an air pump, for example. This will not only greatly reduce the noise made by the computer, but sometimes it can also reduce the temperature around the PC and, therefore, from the processor.

4. Power Supply Damaged

In the case of a damaged Power Supply, the solution is to transfer resources to a stronger source. You might need to check your device by a professional.

Restarting may also be caused by interference from your company’s electricity network. You can ask your utility company to come and check the electricity network. uninterruptible power supply cable (stabilizer) will solve this problem.

5. Software Problems

If the problem starts right after you install special software or drivers, this might cause your computer to restart. To overcome this problem, you only need to delete the software or update the responsible driver.

6. Hardware 

Perform a complete review of the computer, including the motherboard, processor, graphics card, sound card, etc. A technician can also do this for you, checking equipment by replacing each component one by one.


Check whether the memory frequency is correct and the latency time according to the factory settings.

You can also do a BIOS update , by going to the motherboard manufacturer’s website. Don’t forget to back up your current BIOS to external media.


Viruses can be one of the main causes of PCs that suddenly restart themselves. There are many types of viruses that cause this problem, but a good virus remover must solve it with a little inconvenience.

9. Automatic restart activated

Windows computers give you the ability to activate your computer’s automatic restart . If this causes a problem, you can simply deactivate it.

  • Open the Start menu> Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > System. Or, you can right-click My Computer and choose Properties.
  • Advanced Click> Start and Recovery> Settings . Uncheck the box next to Automatic restart.
  • For Windows XP computers, the process is different. Click the Start button > Run …. Type shutdown -a , then click OK.

That’s all the ways that you can use to Overcome the Computer, suddenly Restart Itself, hopefully it will be useful.

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