How to Repair an External Hard Drive

How to Repair an External Hard Drive 

You have a problem about external hard drives every time you connect to a computer, always ask for a format, don’t worry about fixing the problem, it’s hard and easy and depends on the condition of the external hard drive you have.

In terms of components make sure there is no problem usually if the external hard drive on the plug in Windows Xp / 7/8/10 is immediately detected 

Must be confused whether the data on the external hard drive can be saved or not.

Follow the steps below to repair the external hard drive that is requested in the format:

This time I will try using commands via CMD and give a command to verify the data stored.

1. First, please press Windows + R on the keyboard. Your PC will type the CMD command in the menu column provided.

2. In the CMD menu type the command chkdsk /f D: Letter D is the location of the external hard drive.

3. Then press enter and be patient in this process takes a little longer depending on the size of the external hard drive you have.


chkdsk / f D: Command to verify.

/ f: Command to check errors and fix on hard drive.

D: Location of external hard drive.

If it is finished, please check again whether the external hard drive can be used again if not, please buy a new one.

Thus for How to  Fix an External Hard Drive that Requests Format thank you.

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