How to Restore Deleted Contacts from an Android Phone Easily

How to Restore Deleted Contacts from an Android Phone Easily 

I made a mistake that I accidentally deleted some of my contacts on my Samsung Android phone. Did anyone tell me how to restore deleted contacts from an Android phone? My cellphone is a Samsung Galaxy S3, and I only have it for a few days. “I don’t master the operation of my phone. Does it support data recovery deleted from the recycle bin? Thanks in advance.”

Do you have the same problem as above, and you spend hours and hours to find an easy way to recover contacts from an android phone? If so, the way mentioned in this article will help you solve problems and help you stay away from annoyance.

Tip: This guide can also help you recover deleted text messages, or you can see How to recover text messages from android phones to get more information.

Steps to recover deleted contacts from an Android phone:

Step 1: Download iSunshare Android Data Genius and install it on your computer. Android Data Genius is an Android data recovery application that can help you retrieve deleted contacts and text messages.

Step 2: Connect your android phone to your computer with a USB cable.

Step 3: Activate USB debugging from your Android phone. Steps: Settings -> Developer Options-> and check USB debugging.

Step 4: If you have not installed the USB driver for your phone, you can download the driver and install it. To find a driver for your Android phone, see the Android USB Driver .

Note: To make iSunshare Genius data work properly, you must get root access to your phone.

Step 5: Run iSunshare Android Data Genius from the Start menu, and the program will connect to your cellphone and scan for deleted contacts. Wait a few seconds, the program will display all contacts and text messages, including deleted contacts and messages. 

Tip: Deleted items will be disguised with a red icon and trash basket.

Tip: If you haven’t activated your USB debugging cellphone, or haven’t rooting your cellphone, you will get an error screen as follows:

Step 6: You can choose the contacts you want to restore, or save the default options to restore all, then click ” Recover ” to save the restored contacts to the file.

Thus for How to Restore Deleted Contacts from an Android Phone Easily thank you.

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