How To Install Auto Refresh In Blog

How To Install Auto Refresh In Blog 

How to install auto refresh on the blog – In this post I will discuss a little trick to increase the number of page views on your blog where this feature reloads itself in the time specified

The auto refresh function or automatically load the page again is usually used to increase the number of page views on a blog or article and of course this function supports all internet browsers

By installing this feature on the blog then in the period specified by the blog it will refresh itself suitable to be installed on blogs with niche / topic tutorials for those of you who want to install auto refresh can follow the method below.

How To Install Auto Refresh In Blog

1. First, please log in to  then select Theme> Edit HTML then search for the code<head> if you have found the add code below and place it right below the code.

<meta content='400' http-equiv='refresh'/>

2. If you want to install auto refres on a particular page on the blog can add the html code below.

<b:if cond='data:blog.homepageUrl == data:blog.url'> <meta content='400' http-equiv='refresh'/> </b:if>

3. If you added the last Save Template


Code content=”400″is the code for page refresh time if you want to set the refresh time to change the number 400 according to your wishes then in the time specified your blog page will refresh by itself.

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