4 Sites Can Become Your Ebook Sales Market

Ebooks can be accessed anywhere via gadgets or laptops, this is certainly different from the physical book which you must carry if you want to read it.

Changes in human behavior in reading books and accessing information is what makes ebook a target for e-commerce businesses.

Currently quite a lot of business people are venturing into ebook selling businesses through the internet media and not a few of them are successful in this business market.

4 Recommended Sites for Selling Ebooks Online

The ebook sales business can be said to be quite promising if recalling human behavior which is currently more likely to choose the ebook as reading material.

Now, related to this ebook sales business, this time Klik Mania will share Bookzz a few recommendations for sites where selling ebooks online for those of you who want to try this ebook sales business. Here is the full review.


where to sell ebooks online

Payhip is the first recommendation for those of you who want to start an ebook sales business. The site that takes online sell your digital downloads and get paid instantly is quite popular among internet users.

This Payhip site allows you to sell various digital products, with the condition that the product must be downloadable, one of which is an ebook.

Interestingly, this site can be used for free, where you don’t need to be registered as a member to be able to use it. Payhip also allows you to be able to run with other methods such as discount coupons, affiliates and others.

Distribution of profits on the site where selling ebooks online can be quite fair, where you are only subject to a discount of 5% of the total sales of ebooks that you sell on this Payhip site.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publish

where to sell ebooks online
Source: kdp.amazon.com

The next recommendation from the site where you can sell ebooks online is Amazon Kindle Direct Publish .

Similar to Payhip, this site, known for the Direct Publishing slogan, is one of the largest trusted ebook sales sites among readers worldwide.

Through the Amazon Kindle Direct Publish site, you can sell your collection ebooks or ebooks that have been published in large-scale online stores like Amazon.

For the commission system that applies on this site is 70-30%, where you will get 70% of the total ebooks sold on this site.


where to sell ebooks online
Source: blurb.com

If you not only want to sell ebooks, but also want to create your own ebook, then Blurb is a site where you can sell ebooks online.

This site allows users to design ebooks that you can sell later. Not only can you sell on Blurb, you can also sell your ebook on other sites such as Amazon and the Apple iBook Store.


where to sell ebooks online
Source: gotraining.co.id

Gotraining , this site became the last recommendation for sites that sell ebooks online. If you have a collection of educational and ebook genre tutorials, then the site which is also an online learning site is a great place to market your ebook.

The site that campaigns for the slogan “learn better, do better and be better” offers a library store facility, where you as a publisher or user can market your educational ebook on Gotraining.

Those are some recommendation sites where selling ebooks online that you might consider becoming a sales market for those of you who want to be in the ebook sales business.

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