Effective Ways to Clean Dust at Home

  1. Sweeping floor

The first most effective way to clean dust at home is with a mop broom. Sweeping and mopping the floor is mandatory every day. Mainly in the hot summer, dust is quickly carried by the wind and into the house. Dust accumulates and is канальный вентилятор с низким уровнем шума uncomfortable on the feet. Don’t forget the corners which are the favorite places of dust.

Dispose of dust in the front trash can so as not to re-enter the house again. Mop the floor with fragrant carbide water makes the floor rough and not slippery due to dust.

  1. Darkening Furniture and Display

The second way to clean dust is by wiping your furniture and displays regularly. Tables, chairs, picture frames, paintings, and beautiful wall hangings look dull if rarely cleaned by the dust. Use a wet cloth to remove dust from the surface of the table, window panes, and furniture. 

You can also use a special microfiber cloth that can absorb dust that sticks to the surface of home furniture. This fabric is specifically designed to absorb dust and keep it from returning to furniture. This microfiber cloth should not be washed in a washing machine because it can reduce the absorption of dust. 

  1. Wash Periodic Bed Sheet

The third way to clean dust is to wash bed linen. Bed sheets, blankets and bolster pillows are where dust accumulates without you knowing. If there are family members who experience shortness of breath when you wake up in the morning, there is a possibility he has an allergic dust inhaled from pillows and bed sheets throughout the night.

Therefore, changing sheets, pillowcases bolsters must be scheduled once a week or two weeks. Especially if family members have dry skin and become piles of dust particles in the bed sheets. You can schedule a blanket or bedcover once every month. Can use a laundry service or wash it in the washing machine itself. 

Bolster pillows also need to you dry while beating with wood to remove dust. Small dust particles are quite adept at hiding between the pillow fabric fibers. Schedule every three months to dry your bolster pillow while being hit with a long wood. (Also read: How to Make Minimalist Curtains as Room Sweeteners)

  1. Drying the Sofa and Carpet

The fourth way to clean dust is to focus on the sofa and carpet. Every time you sit on the couch, walk on the carpet, the dust will move and fly into the air. Schedule every three months to dry your sofa and carpet. Hit with a long wood so that dust, sand, food crumbs and other small particles come out of the fabric fibers. Hit evenly in all places so that the dust does not come back again in the near future. Continue hitting until visible dust scattered began to thin out.

  1. Get rid of Unused Furniture

The fifth way to clean dust is to get rid of old furniture, displays and decorations. Too many items in the room will be more difficult to remove the pile of dust. Mainly on small decorations above the sideboard and cupboards. Store decorations and displays that are not used in a closed box so that dust does not approach it. 

Stacks of used magazines, newspapers and books also need to be dealt with. If you like collecting books, place them in a closed book cabinet so that there isn’t much dust attached. If you don’t use it already, you have two good choices. The first you can use the used newspapers and magazines for recycled paper crafts. The second option is to sell the stacks of used magazines and newspapers to a flea vendor.

  1.  Arrange Neat and Clean Cabinets

Every wardrobe opened will cause dust to fly. The fibers of clothing fabrics also sometimes come loose because of the type or it has been a long time. Therefore cleaning your wardrobe regularly can also avoid dust accumulating for too long. To be more neat wardrobe you should hang clothes neatly rather than stacking them.

Also provide a special closed shoe case in your room, rather than putting it in a cardboard box and storing it in a closet. Using a vacuum cleaner is also recommended. Primarily for the lower corners of the cupboard which is often difficult to be swept by a mop. 

Clothes that are old and rarely used, set aside in transparent plastic containers. So that dust just builds up around the container and can be easily cleaned.

  1. Clean Regulated Air Filters

If you use air conditioners, you also need to schedule regular cleaning of the air filters in them. Dust will continue to spin in the room if the air conditioner air filter has never been replaced or cleaned. You also need to replace a higher quality air filter if your air conditioning system is old. 

A standard air filter filters dust in the air to prevent damage to the air conditioning system. To reduce the buildup of dust, the recommended filters are those made of high quality paper or pleated cloth which can be replaced every three months.

  1. Planting grass on the lawn

The last way to get rid of dust is to plant trees, grass and ornamental plants in the front yard of the house. Plants can be a barrier to the entry of dust into the house like a shield. Especially when the weather is hot and windy. In addition, the presence of plants in the yard can keep the house cool.

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