5 Strong Reasons for the Importance of Cloud Backup for Storing Data

Have you ever imagined how much data and information is produced every day in your company? Then how do companies process so much data to keep it safe and protected from unwanted risks? The answer is to backup the data so that the company still has valuable data even in the worst conditions such as glo data natural disasters. If in the past we thought that data backup on a local computer was the safest thing, now is the time for you to rethink.

Data backup manually on a local computer or server is in fact no longer the main option of modern companies. Why? Because the risk posed is even greater with high maintenance costs. The risk of contracting a virus or malware that can endanger data is now increasingly prevalent in in-house hardware  . To overcome this, many modern companies have now switched to using online data backup methods or cloud backup solutions.

Here are 5 strong reasons for the importance of using cloud backup in data storage:

Help You Focus More on Business

In the cloud backup service solution, companies no longer need physical hardware to store their data, but instead use cloud servers belonging to other vendors such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service. The technology giant provides millions of more powerful servers around the world to ensure that our data and information are safely protected and trusted, so companies no longer need to think about system maintenance, hardware and software that is usually done regularly because the vendor will take care of the infrastructure .

Companies just need to receive data and valuable information needed anytime, anywhere, using any device with an internet connection, so the focus that is usually divided to take care of IT infrastructure can now be used to focus on business processes. Very flexible, right?

More Guaranteed Data Security

As a vendor that you trust in accommodating valuable data and information of the company, of course they are not haphazard in processing it. The giant vendor is certainly equipped with international security certificates to ensure optimal security and protection of your data. This is the biggest reason why many modern companies prefer cloud backup over regular backup.

The amount of maintenance costs and time spent just to ensure your on-premise system runs optimally in processing data can now be far reduced using cloud backup services.

Benefit from the Economic and Operational Aspects

This cloud backup service is usually “pay as you use” or the amount of costs incurred based on capacity usage. So you do not need to pay the same amount every month for facilities that are not used, also you can anticipate the amount of expenditure according to what is used. This is what makes cloud backup services more economical and efficient than usual on-premise.

More Flexible Information Access

One of the main benefits of cloud technology is the ability to access information quickly and easily anytime, anywhere when needed using a variety of devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets, and PCs. Of course this will be very beneficial for companies, both small scale and multinational to international scale companies.

Comfort and Ease of Data Recovery

Accidentally delete important data? No problem. You can get it back using the data recovery feature available from the cloud backup service. You can manage data backups hourly, daily, weekly, until certain times that are needed.

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