Blog Received Google Adsense? This is the secret!

For everyone who just wants to start a business blog or website will usually ask; “How can you make money?” One of the most expected answers is “Use Google Adsense”. From there then people who are just starting their website or blog business are competing to register their website or blog to Adsense. But what happened was that their blog was rejected by Google Adsense. Understandably, cases of rejecting blogs by Google Adsense that very often happens. So from that then came a lot of questions about how to get a Google Adsense Blog.

How to increase website traffic 2x times than usual

As we know, Google Adsense is a way to earn income from your website or blog by providing space for other people to advertise. Actually the Google Adsense system is as simple as this. Imagine that your website or blog is a store. Then your shop is quite crowded with people. From there then Google rented a few stalls on your website so that ads can be installed. Google then waits for people who want to advertise. From there, Google will place ads that enter Google on your website or blog.

Actually there are some secrets that you need to know about how to get your website or blog accepted by Google Adsense. But before we get there, we must know first what causes many blogs or websites that are rejected by Google Adsense.

Why is your blog being rejected by Google Adsense?

These are some of the reasons that most often occur and are experienced by bloggers, about why Google Adsense has refused to create a new account.

1. Bad Content

The reason that most often occurs on your blog or website that makes it rejected Google Adsense is bad content. It means that the bad content here is not just a matter of quality, but also the quantity of content that is on your blog. Usually Google Adsense will automatically reject websites or blogs that have little content. The steps taken by Google Adsense to verify your website is to first check how much content you have. If it turns out that the website you have only has a little content and the words are difficult to understand, then most likely your blog or website will be rejected.

It’s not just that, every sentence of the content you write must be in accordance with the rules. In addition, the article that you write must be your own original writing. Or at least your article must pass the plagiarism checker or copy scape. Therefore, just bury deep desires to be listed on Google Adsense if it turns out you do not have enough articles and articles that you write just copy and paste.

2. Blog themes that are not easy to see

There are many blogs or websites that have a very bad appearance. That is also one of the reasons why your website or blog might not be accepted by Google Adsense. Themes that look unsightly usually have an effect on visitors. The visitors to your website will become uncomfortable and can then immediately leave the website. If that happens, then in Analytics, your Bounce Rate will be very high and it’s not liked by Google.

The solution to this problem is, it would be nice for you to choose a website theme that is comfortable for your visitors. No matter if the website looks simple, but most importantly comfortable and pleasing to the eye. Not only that, the speed of opening a website can also be a reason Google Adsense rejects you. Then choose a theme that is fast when opened.

3. There are no “Privacy Policy”, “Contact” and “About Us” pages

The privacy policy page is a page that explains the privacy policies of your website. The privacy policy itself is a statement or legal document that contains how parties collect, use, disclose, and manage customer or client data that is on your website. The purpose of privacy policy is of course to meet legal requirements to protect customers or the privacy of your clients. 

This privacy policy page is arguably mandatory to make Google Adsense confident of your website. If there isn’t, then the possibility of your blog being rejected by Google Adsense will be even greater.

Besides the old Privacy Policy, there is also a page about. About or about us usually contains a matter of who you are or what your company is. Can contain questions about the history of your company, or what your company’s vision and mission. This is also important for Google Adsense. Next is the contact page. There, as the name suggests, contains contacts to be able to contact you or your company. These contacts must also exist before you register your blog on Google Adsense. Make sure those pages already exist before you register your website or blog on Google Adsense.

This is the Secret So that Blogs are Received by Google Adsense

We have already discussed what are the possibilities of your blog or website being rejected by Google Adsense. Now we will discuss about how to get the Google Adsense blog accepted. The following explanation;

1. Quality Articles

The first secret so that your website or blog is accepted by Google Adsense is to create quality articles or content. Make articles free from plagiarism. As said above, you can check it using a plagiarism checker or copy scape. You can also use another website to check the authenticity of your article. In addition, make articles that are not too short. The minimum article you write must have a length of 300 words or more. According to some, 500 words are a good number for a quality article. 

In addition you also have to add images in your article. At a minimum you enter 1 picture as a featured image. Then make an article that if it will bring many visitors. But remember! Avoid click-bait. If you write the title Click-Bait, first you can make your visitors angry. Secondly, you can make your bounce rate high and Google will really not like it.

Basically Google doesn’t really know whether the article that you created is really useful or not. Understandably, what Google uses is just a robot. Therefore, make an article that will be read by many people and inform many people. With so many who like your website or blog and increase your website traffic automatically. That way registering on Google Adsense will be easy.

2. SEO is the most important

Do you know what SEO is? SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Well, for those of you who just entered the world of websites, SEO is very very important. Why? Because good SEO will greatly affect traffic and also Google Adsense considerations about whether or not a blog is received by Google Adsense. As stated above, that an article must be at least 300 words, have an image, etc., it is actually an SEO principle that you must know. 

Google Adsense sees the goodness of your website from Page Autority and Domain Autority. They see it from SEO on your website. Is it good enough or not. To check whether your SEO is good or not, you can use an existing plugin in WordPress. Like for example Yoast SEO or All In One SEO Pack.

3. Use Search Console or Webmaster Tools

The third secret for a blog received by Google Adsense is by registering a website or blog that you have on google web Master Tools or Google Search Console. Registering your website there will make Google index your website faster. In addition you can also enter sitemaps from your website in Google Search Console or the Webmaster Tools.

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