Accused Of Tracing The Logo, Facebook Is Sued By A Car Banking Company

Facebook’s Libra digital money project seems to have had some problems before it was launched. Previously the project was criticized by Apple CEO Tim Cook and US President Donald Trump.

Reported by Engadget , Sunday (10/13/2019) this time the Libra “Calibra” digital wallet logo newly introduced by Facebook has been criticized by a mobile banking company called Current. Even Current is suing Facebook and states that the logo is not only similar, but almost identical to the Current logo.

Reportedly, the two logos were designed by the same company, the San Francisco Character branding company , also called the defendant in the lawsuit. It is still unclear how that happened, but CoinDesk noted that Current submitted an application for its logo on June 26, a few days after Calibra was launched.

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Current CEO, Stuart Sopp, said that at that time his company worked with Character for 6 months to create a logo.

“Facebook has all the money and resources in the world. If they really want to make banking more inclusive and fair, they should come up with their own ideas and brands, like we have,” he said.

In related news, the Libra Association Facebook nonprofit created to oversee the crypto currency has lost founding members from the left and right. After PayPal came out earlier this month, Stripe and eBay followed and chose not to support the Libra project anymore. Mastercard and Visa have also withdrawn their support before the first board meeting.

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