Solution for Direct Computer Enter Windows

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Solution for Direct Computer Enter Windows

This time the Computer Science Learning blog gets a short message (SMS) from visitors who ask about their computer which when turned on does not go directly into Windows but first enters the Basic Input and Ouput System (BIOS) settings. To overcome this problem is not difficult, because your computer as a whole is not damaged which is damaged is the battery power for the BIOS is not able to save the BIOS settings. The full message from Nafi’s friend is as follows.

Sorry to interrupt … Want to ask, my computer will be turned on anyway, it’s not really written / the windows xp logo. But in writing, Press DEL to run setup & others. That’s why huh? Thank you for now … This is Dr. Nafi
Sender: 087844332xxx

Sorry for the readers because I intentionally adapted the above SMS exactly to what I received on my cellphone, so I didn’t change the abbreviation with it.
From the question above then as an answer for friend Nafi and also for all blog visitors who need this information, here I explain why the computer does not go directly into Windows but instead is asked to setup the BIOS.

The Basic Input Output System (BIOS) is a basic program storage location including date and time settings. Storage of date and time and basic settings of this computer are stored by requiring battery power, so that if the BIOS battery has a problem (low battery) then all initial settings in the BIOS will return to factory settings so that the date and time also change to factory date, with so every time we turn on the computer, the message Press DEL to Setup always appears … This is so that we have to change the date and time settings according to the current date and time.

Solution to Overcoming Windows Direct Entry Computer

To overcome the problem of the computer does not directly enter Windows, we should replace the battery BIOS with a new battery, then reset the BIOS. For those who do not know how to set the BIOS, please read the article How to BIOS Setup first after changing the battery.

Not all computer problems do not go directly to Windows is a battery error, indeed most are caused because the battery cannot store settings, but in some cases it is not caused by the battery but rather damage to the motherboard. If after changing the battery then the BIOS settings but the Press DEL to Setup … message still appears, please contact an experienced technician to repair your computer.

So how to overcome the computer can not enter Windows from the Beginner BIK blog, do not forget to do your computer maintenance regularly .


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